Film o Kamienicy 5-10-15

The 5 10 15 houseclub founded by Bartosz Stroinski, Antek Gorski, Maja Ochmanska and Jakub Ciecierski was open May to October 2010. The whole space which consisted of 4 floors and a backyard were all galleries, workshops and the club. During the 5 months masses of people from Warsaw and tourists came across the place. Concerts, exhibits, yard sales, happenings and other cultural events took place. 5 10 15 has been awarded with all the most prestigious prizes in the Best Place of the Year Category inspite of having been closed up (Nocne Marki Prize, Wdechy Awards, Super Hiro Awards). The movie presents how it all had been prepared and fixed before the infamous opening, highlighting the strong unwillingness of the town authorities the young group of kids had to face. Above all, this is a story of a group of friends struggling to create their own alternative world inside and within a stiff, formal Warsaw. The actions they have been taking up, their obstinence and determination contribute to changing the image of Warsaw, making its culture more lively and exceptional.

Direction, pictures and editing by Janek Zamoyski

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